Confidence People Vs Insecure People

Confidence People

  1. Open Minded
  2. Gives Compliments
  3. Willing to Learn Other Peoples
  4. Takes Responsibilities for thoughts, Feeling, Action, results
  5. Operates Own Principles
  6. Admits Mistakes
  7. Not Afraid to Show flows
  8. Positive Thinker
  9. Risk Taker
  10. Not Talk negatively about others
  11. Abundance mindset giver
  12. Likes spending time with peoples
  13. Accepts others difference
  14. Can Lough at themselves
  15. Make Decision Quickly
  16. Keep Learning and Growing


Insecure People

  1. Closed Minded
  2. Seeks validation
  3. Known It Well
  4. Makes excuses for everything
  5. Do What Feels Good
  6. Blames others
  7. Comes off fake Because they hide Flaws
  8. Negative Thinker
  9. Stay in Comfort Zone
  10. Gossips
  11. Scarcity Mindset Taker
  12. Dislike Peoples
  13. Judgmental
  14. Worry what others will think
  15. Can’t make decisions
  16. Stays Stuck in old ways and Bad Habits


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