7 Business Tycoon and Politician Recommend Network Marketing/Direct Selling

1. Narender Modi

Everything about Network Marketing

Commonly known as multi-level marketing, networking is mainly a direct sales method where the independent representatives help in selling products as well as services from the company to the customer. Network marketing is mainly a marketing procedure where the distribution model companies utilize for sending the products to the consumers.

However, the process is slightly different as instead of selling the products directly to the consumers through online or offline stores, sales representatives are appointed for distributing the products. These sales representatives visit door to door, buy inventory and sell the items.

You might think that these sales representatives are employees of the company, but they are not. Instead, each of these representatives has its own business. Sales representatives follow these multi-level aspects for recruiting other representatives who can begin their own business.

Besides, the income earned from network marketing comes from the commission you earned on personal sales.

Why Network Marketing?

y Network Marketing

Today network marketing is considered as a low upfront investment that helps businesses to grow. Besides, for starting with a network marketing business, you will not have to invest millions. Spending a handful amount on buying the products and selling them directly to your friends or your close ones will definitely help you to grow your business.

Due to this reason, the demand for network marketing is gradually increasing. Moreover, if you carefully handle the business, you can earn a lot of money. People looking for businesses or even part-time work for extra income can definitely begin with network marketing. Let us check out some of the reasons behind choosing network marketing.

Hassle-free entry- You will come across thousands of companies who let you sign up without any demands. Whereas, there are many companies, who ask you to buy sample kits, which are used for promoting their most hyped products. But, the biggest secret is those products are actually less expensive on other websites.

Comes with flexibility

This is one of the biggest advantages of network marketing. Besides, businesses are impossible to run if they do not provide flexibility to the owners. With network marketing, if you have a smartphone along with an active internet connection, you can handle your work from anywhere. Hence, you can understand that network marketing is better than other marketing techniques.

Personal benefits

Yes, with network marketing, you can enjoy direct benefits. However, it is vital to have a proper mindset if you want to get the direct benefits. While you help others, you will automatically get the opportunity to succeed. Besides, you will get instant bonuses, which is great for those who do not have a permanent job or are involved with part-time work.

Get profit by supporting each other

Network marketing is versatile and advantageous in almost every way. For example, if you are not succeeding alone with all your efforts, then you can take help from your upline or your sponsor. Therefore, you can expect to get all the support you need for your business to grow. By all means, supporting each other helps businesses to grow.

Get international exposure

You are the one who gets to decide whether you want to invest or build your business. Moreover, the world is yours so it will depend on how you want your business to run. Once you join a network marketing business, you instantly become a socially connected person.

Leverage of earning more

It is vital to understand that network marketing is all about earning smartly and not by putting in hard work. All you have to do is arrange everything systematically, expand the distributors in your downline. Finally, decrease your working hours. In this way, you will be able to get free time and even earn more.

How does network marketing work?

How does network marketing work

When it comes to network marketing, businesses first recruit people who are interested in the products. Instead of paying monthly salaries, companies offer to sell the products at a discounted rate.

This helps them to encourage selling those products at the full market price. Therefore, as you can understand that if you sell the product at the full price, the profit you are making directly into your product.

You can once again reinvest the money to buy more products, sell them to earn more products. Due to this reason, network marketing is known as referral marketing since you can encourage more people to join the business under you.

Benefits of Network Marketing

Benefits of Network Marketing

There are thousands of benefits when it comes to network marketing. Just like every other avenue of opportunity, not every benefit is of huge importance to any one person. However, no matter what is the case, network marketing is definitely advantageous. Here are some of the common benefits of it.

• Low Entry cost

Normally the startup costs are quite low. Since you are investing a reasonable amount, you will get a few products, samples, and even get training for the products. The entire pack is known as the start-up pack. You will receive the products in hard or soft format. Businesses these days are opting for cloud-based information, thus making it easy for updating as well s distributing to the associates.

• Flexibility

Flexibility is one of the restricted advantages that you can get in the traditional business world. However, when it comes to network marketing, you get huge flexibility. The reason behind this is, you work in an environment, which is suitable for you. Moreover, you can work at your own pace and make a working environment that works best for you.

• Good income

Income is one of the most important things that almost everyone is concerned about when it comes to businesses. One of the best parts of network marketing, you can either get a direct income source or go for passive income. Direct income is generated from product sales directly to the clients. Passive income is the second stream of income and is generated through your team members, who are working under your leadership.

Types of Network Marketing

Types of network marketing

The entire concept of network marketing works on a business model. This model is dependent on the network of distributors who are responsible for the growth of the business. Mainly it involves the use of three normal strategies for making money, lead generation, recruiting, and finally building management. Besides, there are various types of network marketing, single-tier, two-tier, and multi-level.

Single tier marketing

Here, you have to tie up with the affiliate programs of a company for selling the products. Also, you do not have to worry about recruiting other distributors. Moreover, you will get your pay from the direct sales. There are many affiliate programs, you can earn money from the traffic you direct towards the affiliate’s website.

Two-tier marketing

When it comes to two-tier network marketing, you have to recruit people. However, it is important to understand that your payment is not completely dependent on it. You can earn money by direct sales or through referred traffic by the affiliates. It is important to understand that two-tier network marketing is different and is quite effective.

Multi-level marketing

This is distribution-based marketing that has one or more tiers. There are other network marketing strategies, which are marketing-driven networks and name-driven network marketing. You will come across various MLM programs that help in making money. Therefore, you can expect to get good incentives for recruiting.

How to Join Network Marketing?

How to Join Network Marketing

If you want to start your network marketing business, then the first step would be enrolling with any existing network marketing organization. Alternatively, you can begin your business from the beginning. Here are some of the steps that you can follow for starting your network marketing business.

Select a niche

Make sure to choose a product line before beginning your company. For example, you can start with a nutritional network marketing company. It is the most renowned network marketing business.

Look for wholesale suppliers

Make sure to look for wholesale suppliers and attend meetings so that you can become familiar with the wholesalers. This will help in making your marketing easy. Also, you have to call various potential wholesale as well as manufacturing suppliers. You must find out if they provide drop-shipping services as it will help in keeping the inventory levels down.

Scope of Network Marketing in India

Scope of Network Marketing in India

The scope of network marketing in India is quite good. The reason behind this is the high growth rate, and you can get promising returns. Hence, you can expect to get high success in network marketing. First, India’s population is almost 140 crores. Almost 50% of the population is the young generation.

Network marketing is definitely a promising business strategy as it helps in getting better returns. Hence, these are some of the things that you must know about network marketing.

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Top 7 Businessmen and Politicians Endorses Network Marketing

Commonly known as referral marketing or multi-level marketing, network marketing uses an effective model that uses distributed networks for building business. Network marketing is popular for providing huge flexibility. There are thousands of multinational companies that are built out of network marketing.

Moreover, top politicians, as well as businessmen these days, are talking about the importance of network marketing since it has turned out to be an effective strategy for businesses to flourish in the market.

Network marketing business operates in more than 1000 cities and is one of the best industries for profit gain. Here are some of the popular business tycoons and politicians, and their views on network marketing.

Thoughts of Bill Gates on Network Marketing

Bill Gates on Network Marketing

“If I would be given a chance to start all over again, I would choose Network Marketing”- Bill Gates. You will come across thousands of marketing quotes by Bill Gates on Network Marketing. In almost every quote, he always supported network marketing. He believes that if he has to start all over again, he would choose multilevel marketing.

Bill Gates says that network marketing is no doubt a great opportunity for those who do not have enough financial as well as intellectual resources for developing their own business, services, or products.

According to him, the majority of people do not understand the difficulty of taking business ideas from conception to its execution. Due to this reason, Bill Gates thinks that network marketing is perfect for people who can diligently follow the systems.

Thoughts of Donald trump on network marketing

Donald trump on network marketing

Network Marketing received huge publicity and; however, it is both good and bad. Although people who used network marketing became rich. When Donald Trump was asked about his thoughts on network marketing, he said that if he gets bankrupted, then he will definitely opt for network marketing.

For that, Donald Trump on networking marketing mentioned that he could begin a network marketing business. Although people do not like his answer when he said this on a TV show, his innovative thoughts, as well as quick-mindedness, made him popular.

Donald Trump has risk-taking capabilities along with sound judgment; thus, making him one of the richest men in the world. His potential and power to see the future made him a popular name in network marketing.

Thoughts of APJ ABDUL KALAM on network marketing

APJ ABDUL KALAM on network marketing

Also known as the ‘Missile Man of India’, APJ Abdul Kalam is remembered as one of the respected personalities in India. Even though he was involved with Nuclear Power in India, his contributions to the Indian government are definitely worth mentioning.

However, it is believed that his contribution and believes about network marketing are quite strong as well. APJ Abdul Kalam on networking marketing believed that it is the future of marketing and can change the outlook of the Indian market.

Thoughts of Robert Kiyosaki on network marketing

Robert Kiyosaki on network marketing

According to Robert Kiyosaki, “The richest people in the world look for and build networks, everyone else looks for work.” Entrepreneur Robert Kiyosaki as we all know wrote one of the most popular business books ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’.

In almost every book, he mentioned that it is important to take responsibility for your finances. In his recent book ‘The Business of the 21st Century’; he describes one business model regarding network marketing. Robert Kiyosaki on network marketing says that his business model holds the greatest promise of building real wealth for people.

It is known as network marketing. Both Robert Kiyosaki and his fellow investor Donald Trump chose network marketing as one of the most popular business models since it is quite effective.

Thoughts of Warren Buffett on network marketing

Warren Buffett on network marketing

Warren Buffet is one of the popular billionaires and owns a group of networking companies. You might have heard about this popular personality, who changed the world of marketing. He is considered a business tycoon and tops the list of the wealthiest man in the world. Buffet mostly earned money mostly from the stick markets.

Even after achieving huge success in the field of the stock market, he is interested in network marketing. Warren Buffet on network marketing in one of the interviews mentioned that if he gets an opportunity to begin everything once again, he would choose network marketing. Today, Warren Buffer owns three different network marketing companies.

Thoughts of Bill Clinton on network marketing

Bill Clinton on network marketing

The former president Bill Clinton always had a positive outlook to build his country mindfully and progressive in terms of marketing and technology. Due to this reason, he supported network marketing and it eventually brought fruitful results for the country.

Bill Clinton on network marketing mentioned that it is the future of marketing and eventually can change the perspective of people regarding it. Network marketing is all about marketing through people, for people, and by people. Moreover, people can earn huge profit, which is definitely one of the most important things to consider while marketing

Thoughts of Narendra Modi on network marketing

Narendra Modi on network marketing

Narendra Modi as we all know is not only the honorable prime minister of India but also the man who thought of introducing digitalization. He is the one who brought revolutionary steps that can actually bring changes to the country and make it modern. Modi introduced the BHIM app as a networking marketing opportunity through people.

In one of the public meetings, Narendra Modi on networking marketing said that people who will refer others to install and use the BHIM app would receive a certain amount in their bank accounts. For example, if twenty people start using the BHIM app through your recommendation, you will get two hundred rupees in your account.

Essential Tips for Successful Network Marketing

  • Setting clear goals is one of the most important parts of network marketing so that you can achieve success. If you want to start with network marketing, it is best to set small and achievable goals. Once you reach it, you can increase the goal gradually
  • It is important to have patience when it comes to network marketing. After all, good marketing is all about doing proper research and coming up with a solution to the problems that people are facing. Besides, listening carefully allow people to talk about the problems they are facing
  • Businesses always focus on sponsoring people into the business and this is definitely an effective step towards success. But, it is vital to understand that while sponsoring people, you must not ignore the products and services of your business.

Hence, these are some of the views of the top businessmen and politicians regarding network marketing and its strategies.

Direct Selling Registered Companies List in India 2022-2023

Friends, today I am going to share a list of direct selling companies which are the Government of India certified companies. The Government of India has so far registered 461 Network Marketing Companies. The names of 461 companies in this list are registered by their CIN Number, the date of registration of the company, the company which state and the head office of the company are on it. So now you can see whether your company comes in this list or not. If your company is not on this list then it will be your bad luck. I am just showing my keen interest to make you aware about consumer helpline direct selling companies and have listed them with declarations in specified proforma along with an undertaking to the Department of Consumer Affairs. As you all know direct selling companies are legal in India by ministry of consumer affairs, so without any delay take a quick glance on direct selling companies listed on the website. 

2 Amway India Enterprises Private Limited 12/14/2016 U74120DL1995PTC071405 New Delhi
3 Smartway India Enterprises LLP 11/07/2016 AAC-7557 New Delhi
4 Mi Lifestyle Marketing Private Limited 11/23/2016 U74900TN2013PTC092509 Tamilnadu
5 SAFE AND SECURE ONLINE MARKETING PVT. LTD. 11/25/2016 U52390DL2001PTC109313 New Delhi
6 Gananapati sales (opc) pvt. Ltd. 11/27/2016 U51101CT2015OPC001737 Chhattisgarh
7 ARL Retail Private Limited 11/28/2016 U52390DL2011PTC227648 New Delhi
8 Rich vision Inida E-commerce Multiservices Pvt. Ltd. 11/28/2016 U74120PN2015PTC154975 Maharashtra
9 Oriens Global Marketing Private Limited 11/29/2016 U51909TN2010PTC074263 Tamilnadu
10 International Marketing Corporation Private Limited 11/30/2016 U15490PB2013PTC038243 Punjab
11 Unibiz Multi Trade Pvt Ltd 11/30/2016 U51100DD2012PTC004708 DAMAN AND DIU
12 Gyankul Network Private Limited 11/30/2016 U93000HR2013PTC049726 Haryana
13 Netsurf Communications Pvt. Ltd. 12/01/2016 U72900PN2000PTC142615 DAMAN & DIU
14 Sarso Biznet International Private Limited 12/02/2016 U51909PB2011PTC034983 Punjab
15 ENDRO ONLINE SHOPPE Pvt. Ltd. 27/05/2020 U52609KL2020PTC062163 KERALA
16 I MWAY Direct Marketing Pvt Ltd 12/02/2016 U74999MH2015PTC267793 Maharashtra
17 Tranzindia corporate network pvt. ltd 12/05/2016 U74900TZ2011PTC017358 Tamil Nadu
18 Cmax Global Marketing Pvt. Ltd 12/05/2016 U74140DL2015PTC286415 Delhi
19 Click N Pick Websale Pvt. Ltd. 12/05/2016 U52190RJ2012PTC041124 Rajasthan
20 NVN Empire Educare Pvt. Ltd. 12/07/2016 U72900GJ2015PTC085547 Gujarat
21 Unicity Health Pvt Ltd 12/07/2016 U85110KA2010PTC085191 Karnataka
22 ADMW INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED 04/01/2020 U74999KA2019PTC131018 Karnataka
24 Pentaworld India Marketing Pvt. Ltd. 12/07/2016 U52100GJ2011PTC066406 GUJARAT
25 Sunrider India Pvt Ltd 12/07/2016 U5109HR2004PTC035289 Haryana
26 Wellscience Health Pvt Ltd 12/07/2016 U85190DL2009PTC187283 New Delhi
27 Kanwhizz Industries Limited 12/07/2016 U74120UP2016PLC077007 Uttar Pradesh
28 PAMOSA TRADE INDIA PVT. LTD 12/07/2016 U51909PN2012PTC145714 Maharashtra
29 Blulife Marketing Private Limited 12/07/2016 U52100KA2016PTC085595 Karnataka
31 Amulya Herbs Pvt. Ltd. 12/07/2016 U85100CH2014PTC035046 Chandigarh
34 Indosys Life Science Private Limited 12/07/2016 U24233KA2011PTC057538 Karnataka
35 Add-Shop Promotions Private Limited 12/07/2016 U51109GJ2013PTC076482 Gujarat
36 Daily Need Marketing And Retail Private Limited 12/07/2016 U52590HR2015PTC056073 Haryana
37 KISHANZEN OPC PVT LTD 12/11/2020 U52190OR2020OPC034775 Odisha
38 Balaji Tradevision Pvt Ltd 12/07/2016 U52190RJ2011PTC036648 Rajasthan
39 ASCLEPIUS WELLNESS PVT LTD 12/07/2016 U51909DL2014PTC272296 New Delhi
40 Pro Young International Pvt. Ltd. 12/07/2016 U52100TG2007PTC054540 Andhra Pradesh
41 Noni Biotech Pvt. Ltd. 12/07/2016 U72900TN2001PTC047205 Tamilnadu
42 DSR Electronics And Financial Services Private Limited 12/07/2016 U51900MH2006PTC161224 Maharashtra
43 Yuvanrich Sales and Services Private Limited 12/07/2016 U74999MH2016PTC282156 Maharashtra
44 RLC Multitrade Private Limited 12/08/2016 U51909DL2015PTC288265 Delhi
45 Sami Direct Marketing Private Ltd. 12/08/2016 U52399KA2010PTC054072 Karnataka
46 G19 Marketing Pvt Ltd 12/08/2016 U74999DL2016PTC290770 Delhi
47 Life is Good 12/08/2016 na Punjab
48 Masterminds worldtrade business solution limited 12/08/2016 U51909DL2016PLC289194 Delhi
49 Sanelaa greens private limited 12/08/2016 U52100MH2016PTC271737 Maharashtra
50 Rising Rainbow Multitrade Pvt. Ltd. 12/08/2016 U52590MH2016PTC283922 MAHARASHTRA
51 Biosash Business Pvt. Ltd. 12/08/2016 U74140HR2015PTC057274 Haryana
52 INDUS HEALTH PLUS PVT LTD 12/08/2016 U85200MH1995PTC091382 Maharashtra
53 Hi-Scan Marketing And Consultancy Private Limited 12/08/2016 U51909GJ2014PTC078311 Gujarat
54 M/s Vestige Marketing Pvt ltd 12/09/2016 U51909DL2004PTC126738 New Delhi
55 DXN Marketing India Private Limited 12/09/2016 U15490TN2014PTC095516 Tamilnadu
56 Wellness Family Pvt. Ltd. 12/09/2016 U52399KA2014PTC074716 Karnataka
57 K-Link Healthcare (India) Private Limited 12/09/2016 U85199TN2001PTC048131 Tamilnadu
58 JMVD MultiTrade Pvt Ltd 12/09/2016 U74120UP2012PTC050064 Uttar Pradesh
59 Planet Dewsoft Pvt. Ltd. 12/09/2016 U74900DL2015PTC281341 New Delhi
60 Sahaj Lifecare Products Pvt. Ltd. 12/09/2016 U51900Gj2014PTC080113 GUJARAT
61 Moringo Organics Pvt Ltd 12/09/2016 U51109KA2012PTC063338 Karnataka
62 GK Lifecare Solutions Pvt Ltd 12/09/2016 U74999UR2016PTC007213 Uttarakhand
63 Radha Madhav Corporation Ltd 12/09/2016 L74950DD2005PLC003775 DAMAN & DIU
64 Axil Core Business Pvt Ltd 12/09/2016 U74900MH2012PTC226956 Maharashtra
65 LAIET ALLIANCE PVT. LTD. 12/09/2016 U93000PB2015PTC039739 Punjab
66 IIN Eduworld Pvt. Ltd. 12/09/2016 U80301GJ2015PTC084249 Gujarat
67 modicare Ltd 12/13/2016 U72200DL1973PLC110617 New Delhi
68 Winnature International Pvt Ltd 12/13/2016 U74999MH2015PTC267412 Maharashtra
69 Smart Value Products And Services Limited 12/13/2016 U50300DL2006PLC191355 Delhi
70 Naswiz Retails Pvt Ltd 1/24/2017 U52399DL2016PTC307914 New Delhi
71 NORTON SALES PVT LTD 12/14/2016 U74899DL1983PTC015659 New Delhi
72 DCorp India Pvt. Ltd. 12/14/2016 U51900GJ2016PTC086132 Gujarat
73 KRISHNA AGRIBUSINESS DEVELOPMENT PVT LTD 12/14/2016 U01403MH2014PTC258115 Maharashtra
74 ITSPOSSIBLE NUTRACEUTICALS LIMITED 12/14/2016 U2429DL2012PLC2333327 New Delhi
75 Prime Direct Solutions India Pvt Ltd 12/14/2016 U70100MH2014PTC257704 Maharashtra
76 Toptime Network Pvt. Ltd. 12/14/2016 U74999DL2016PTC300844 New Delhi
77 Lit Holidays Pvt Ltd 12/14/2016 U55101DL2015PTC285728 New Delhi
78 Uninature Life Science Pvt Ltd 12/14/2016 U51900GJ2016PTC093074 Gujarat
79 Oxi9 Essentials Pvt. Ltd 12/14/2016 U52599GJ2011PTC066079 Gujarat
80 Herbal Fitness Private Limited 12/14/2016 U24133CH2013PTC034687 Chandigarh
81 Kissan Crop Care & Multiservices Pvt Ltd 12/14/2016 U01403MH2015PTC266180 Maharashtra
82 Richlife International Private Limited 12/14/2016 U52100CT2016PTC002203 Chhattisgarh
83 Dauphin Travel Marketing Pvt Ltd 12/14/2016 U74120DL2003PTC121875 New Delhi
84 Pro Healthywayz International LLP 12/14/2016 AAE-0739 ANDHARA PRADESH
85 Kapsun Industries 12/14/2016 Reg.GSTIN24AACFK1110F1Z7 Gujarat
86 Teamex Retail Limited 12/14/2016 U52100GJ2013PLC073875 Gujarat
87 Aura E-Commerce Pvt. Ltd. 12/14/2016 U74900DL2011PTC216520 Delhi
88 Dream Touch Trade India Pvt. Ltd. 12/14/2016 U51100PN2015PTC154470 Maharashtra
89 Aimlife Multitrade Pvt. Ltd. 12/14/2016 U74900WB2012PTC188317 West Bengal
90 KEVA INDUSTRIES 12/15/2016 3562062547 Punjab
91 Avon Beauty Products india Pvt Ltd 12/15/2016 U24246HR1995PTC035642 Haryana
92 MDML Direct Marketing LLP 12/15/2016 AAC-3075 Gujarat
93 Grahak Power India Private Limited 12/15/2016 U74900AP2014PTC095844 Andhra Pradesh
94 Smile India Bridge Wellness Pvt. Ltd. 12/16/2016 U51101TG2015OPC100309 Telangana
95 HHI Marketing Private Limited 12/20/2016 U51909PB2016PTC040009 Punjab
96 Vibrant India Realtrade Private Limited 12/20/2016 U70100GJ2014PTC080283 Gujarat
97 Prove Life Trading Pvt. Ltd. 12/20/2016 U52190RJ2015PTC047999 Rajashtan
98 Aradhya Marketing Pvt. Ltd. 12/22/2016 U74999UR2013PTC000577 Uttarakhand
99 Falcon Marketing Pvt Ltd 12/27/2016 U74999PB2009PTC032904 Punjab
100 WIC SALES POINT PRIVATE LIMITED 12/27/2016 U51909RJ2016PTC056265 Rajasthan
101 WORLD YATRA TOURISM PRIVATE LIMITED 12/27/2016 U63040HR2013PTC049884 Haryana
102 Care India Direct Selling LLP 12/27/2016 AAB-5657 Rajasthan
103 pugos products private limited 01/04/2017 U52590KA2016PTC086565 Karnataka
104 M/s. Yashika Trading And Marketing Private Limited 01/05/2017 U51900CT2015PTC001959 CHHATTISGARH
105 AJS Multitrade Pvt Ltd 01/05/2017 U52100OR2014PTC018274 Odisha
106 Direct Bazaar Pvt. Ltd. 01/10/2017 U93000GJ2015PTC085367 Gujarat
107 Flabia Fresh Pvt.Ltd. 01/11/2017 U74999WB2011PTC171247 West Bengal
108 Nidan Herbs Distributor LLP 01/12/2017 AAG-5371 ASSAM
109 Being Healthy Pvt Ltd 1/13/2017 U85100HR2015PTC055259 Haryana
110 Altos Enterprises Ltd 1/16/2017 U52190PB2002PLC25539 Punjab
111 Tianjin Tianshi India Private Limited 1/16/2017 U51909DL2002PTC115140 New Delhi
112 Disha Total Marketing Solutions Pvt Ltd 1/16/2017 U52100MH2014PTC257310 Maharashtra
113 DNR Shopping Pvt. Ltd. 1/16/2017 U52609PN2016PTC165288 Maharashtra
114 Easy Care Consumer Solution Private Limited 1/16/2017 U52590MO2014PTC033129 Madhya Pradesh
115 KTS Prime Merchandise Private Limited 1/17/2017 U740999RJ2016PTC056017 Rajasthan
116 Zillonlife Global Private Limited 1/17/2017 U74999DL2016PTC305591 New Delhi
117 Tupperware India Private Limited 1/18/2017 U25209DL1996PTC078605 New Delhi
118 Safedeal Marketing Pvt Ltd 1/19/2017 U52320DL2016PTC302364 Delhi
119 NTEL Marketing & Services Pvt. Ltd. 1/20/2017 U74130MH2009PTC191870 Maharashtra
120 Golden India Healthy Life Private Limited 1/23/2017 U74999HP2016PTC006223 Himanchal
121 Yashowin Marketing Pvt. Ltd. 1/23/2017 U18109PN2015PTC155344 Maharashtra
122 ForLife Trading India Pvt Ltd 1/23/2017 U51109MH2008PTC207785 Maharashtra
123 Bizective Online Services LLP 1/23/2017 AAF-8730 Andhra Pradesh
124 M/s. Choudhary Agro Tech(I) Pvt. Ltd. 1/23/2017 U01403MH2011PTC214050 MAHARASHTRA
125 Jasan Travel Marketing Pvt. Ltd. 1/23/2017 U74999PB2016PTC045594 Punjab
126 Grow Together Marketing Pvt. Ltd. 1/23/2017 U52300HR2015PTC057302 Haryana
127 Ennergix Lifestyle Pvt ltd 1/23/2017 U72900DL2014PTC262930 New Delhi
128 Hindustan Trade Smith Pvt Ltd 1/23/2017 U51900HR2014PTC051605 Haryana
129 Aizen Lifestyle Private Limited 1/23/2017 U85190KA2011PTC058130 Karnataka
130 Vivaayush Enterprises India Private Limited 1/23/2017 U74999PN2014PTC150971 Maharashtra
131 Dhanwantari Distributors Pvt. Ltd. 1/23/2017 U51909PN2008PTC133043 Maharashtra
132 Vividways Venditare india Pvt Ltd 1/23/2017 U52100UR2014PTC001352 Uttarakhand
133 Maxen Hawk Marketing LLP 1/23/2017 AAD-8515 Haryana
134 Smart Health PRo-care Pvt. Ltd. 1/23/2017 U85100PN2016PTC164546 Maharashtra
135 Real Life Herbal Marketing Pvt Ltd 1/23/2017 U52100HR2013PTC051208 Haryana
136 Provixo India Pvt. Ltd. 1/23/2017 U51909WB2016PTC210282 WEST BENGAL
137 Influx Multitrade Limited 1/23/2017 U74140PN2004PLC018862 Maharashtra
138 OJAS Exim Private Limited 1/23/2017 U52311GJ2011PTC064437 Gujarat
139 eBIZ.COM PVT LTD 1/23/2017 U72200DL2001PTC111183 Delhi
140 Subhotam Multitrade Pvt Ltd 1/23/2017 U74999UR2016PTC007100 Uttarakhand
141 Dream Freedom Herbal Private Limited 1/23/2017 U52599PB2016PTC040017 Punjab
142 Forever Living Imports (India) Pvt. Ltd. 1/23/2017 U51101MH2011PTC212700 Maharashtra
143 GEE PEE BIO FERT 1/23/2017 Regstd./Sl.No.736/2013-14 Punjab
144 Herbalife International India Private Limited 1/24/2017 U51909KA1998PTC026098 Karnataka
145 Glaze Trading India Pvt. Ltd. 1/24/2017 U51909DL2004PTC125198 New Delhi
146 M/s Daehsan Trading India Pvt Ltd 1/24/2017 U51109TN1999PTC043513 Tamil Nadu
147 Indusviva HealthSciences Pvt. Ltd. 1/24/2017 U85100KA2014PTC073082 KARNATAKA
148 Oriflame India private Limited 1/24/2017 U74899DL1994PTC061083 New Delhi
149 TGR Enterprises Pvt Ltd 1/24/2017 U51109GJ2012PTC070665 Gujarat
150 Economical Life Freedom Pvt. Ltd. 1/24/2017 U52100MH2013PTC240118 MAHARASHTRA
151 Nebula Infraspace LLP 1/24/2017 AAD-5208 GUJARAT
152 Natura Bioscience Marketing Pvt Ltd 1/24/2017 U51909KL2011PTC028178 Kerala
153 Parasmani Online Marketing Pvt.Ltd. 1/24/2017 U51909DL2008PTC179204 DELHI
154 RlIONN INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED 1/24/2017 U74999TZ20 16PTC028008 Tamilnadu
155 M.P. Dailyneed Multitrade Pvt. Ltd. 1/24/2017 U74999PN2014PTC150198 Maharashtra
156 DivineStars Tradelinks Pvt. Ltd. 1/24/2017 U74999PN2016PTC165158 Maharashtra
157 Gyan Holidays Pvt. Ltd. 1/24/2017 U74900DL2015PTC288551 New Delhi
158 Swadeshi Marketing And Retail Trading Company (India) Pvt. Ltd. 1/24/2017 U51900MH1999PTC118087 MAHARASHTRA
159 AarogyaJeevan Healthcare Pvt.Ltd. 1/24/2017 U24233RJ2016PLC055017 RAJASTHAN
160 Deepak Energy Conservatives Private Limited 1/24/2017 U29302MH2010PTC198454 Maharashtra
161 SGM Multi Trade Links Pvt. Ltd. 1/24/2017 U01400PN2015PTC157423 Maharashtra
162 Metrokings Marketing Pvt.Ltd. 1/24/2017 U74999TN2015PTC102225 TANILNADU
163 Growth India Industries Ltd 1/24/2017 U70200HR2012PLC066107 Haryana
164 Yaana Future Marketing Pvt. Ltd. 1/24/2017 U74999DL2012PTC232966 DELHI
165 Galaxy Unity Marketing Solutions Private Limited 1/24/2017 U51909MH2017PTC289178 Maharashtra
166 Samrthak Trade Link Private Limited 1/24/2017 U51900GJ2015PTC082321 Gujarat
167 Maa Vedica Marketing Service Private Limited 1/24/2017 U52609MP2016PTC041466 Madhya Pradesh
168 PM-International India Pvt Ltd 1/24/2017 U51909DL2015FTC279574 Delhi
169 Sharva Life Solutions Pvt Ltd 1/24/2017 U24232RJ2014PTC046506 Rajasthan
170 Indivar Beauty Pvt. Ltd. 1/24/2017 U74999DL2009PTC192620 New Delhi
171 My Visionplus Marketing Pvt Ltd 1/24/2017 U74999MH2016PTC286580 Maharashtra
172 Green Planet Bio Products 1/24/2017 Serial No. of Firm – 2236 of 2012-13 Punjab
173 Tasar Care 1/24/2017 PARTNERSHIPDEED Punjab
174 Enagic India Kangen Water Pvt. Ltd. 10/04/2016 U41000TN2015PTC100366 TamilNadu
175 Arya Smart Marketing Private Limited 1/24/2017 U52100JH2013PTC001688 Jharkhand
176 DNAR Multinational Pvt Ltd 1/24/2017 U51909DL2013PTC257314 New Delhi
177 Healing Touch Marketing Pvt. Ltd. 1/24/2017 U74900JK2012PTC003667 Jammu and Kashmir
178 Walpar Healthcare 1/24/2017 Regn.GUJ/AMS/38145 GUJARAT
179 Fly Wings Marketing International (OPC) Pvt. Ltd. 1/24/2017 U93090MH2015OPC266416 Maharashtra
180 Webillion Infocom Pvt. Ltd. 1/24/2017 U74140DL2013PTC258582 New Delhi
181 Genex Herba Private Limited 1/24/2017 U74999UP2016PTC085576 Uttar Pradesh
182 Zeal Corporation India Pvt. Ltd. 1/24/2017 U24231PN2013PTC146024 Maharashtra
183 Bestway Health And Future Pvt. Ltd. 1/25/2017 U74999HR2016PTC063724 HARYANA
184 Star Line Networkng Pvt. Ltd. 1/25/2017 U52399PB2013PTC037772 PUNJAB
185 Arising Direct Marketing Private Limited 1/25/2017 U74999TG2016PTC111862 TELANGANA
186 My Divine Visionary Marketing Pvt. Ltd. 1/25/2017 U74999PN2016PTC165577 Maharashtra
187 Hope International Pvt Ltd 1/27/2017 U80904GJ2012PTC071876 Gujarat
188 Deccan Healthcare Private Limited 02/01/2017 U72200TG1996LC024351 Telangana
189 Prime Health 5D (India) Pvt. Ltd. 02/01/2017 U24290KA2012PTC064317 KARNATAKA
190 GURU SSR India Distributors pvt Ltd 02/01/2017 451909PN2008PTC133240 MAHARASHTRA
191 M/s.Saarvasri Herbs Private Limited 02/01/2017 U51397OR2013PTC017390 ODISHA
192 Swasthyam Natural Products Marketing Pvt.Ltd. 02/01/2017 U74140DL2014PTC273882 DELHI
193 Ultrawin Marketing Pvt. Ltd. 02/01/2017 U15139RJ2013PTC043060 Rajasthan
194 Achievers Retailmart Private Limited 02/01/2017 U52100UP2015PTC072820 Uttar Pradesh
195 Gaspra Business Solutions Pvt Ltd 02/01/2017 U74999KL2016PTC046957 KERALA
196 Herbal Ways Diets Pvt. Ltd. 02/01/2017 U51229PB2002PTC25627 Punjab
197 Savefuel Tech Pvt. Ltd. 02/01/2017 U74120MH2013PTC250288 Maharashtra
198 Maxgrow Biotech Pvt Ltd 02/02/2017 U51497PB2003PTC026600 Punjab
199 Proglen Global Ventures Private Limited 02/02/2017 U74999RJ2016PTC056645 Rajashtan
200 Oyster Ptoducer Company Limited 02/02/2017 U01100DL2016PTC307467 Delhi
201 Dreamvision4U Trade Pvt.Ltd. 02/08/2017 U51909PN2016PTC167159 MAHARASHTRA
202 Penuel Nexus Pvt. Ltd. 02/09/2017 U74999KL2016PTC040317 Kerala
203 NJ Mart Private Limited 2/14/2017 U74997MH2016PTC280612 Maharashtra
204 Vizhop Innovators Pvt. Ltd. 2/14/2017 U74999GJ2016PTC093497 GUJARAT
205 Zestik Business Pvt Ltd 2/14/2017 U52399PB2014PTC038608 Punjab
206 Speak People Trading India Private Limited 2/16/2017 U52609UR2016PTC007325 Uttarakhand
207 Ceyone Nutri India Pvt. Ltd. 2/20/2017 U74900WB2013PTC190654 West Bengal
208 Mudra Power Infotec Private Limited 03/01/2017 U74999MH2016PTC283046 Maharashtra
209 Fortune Smart Lifestyle Pvt. Ltd. 03/02/2017 U51100MH2002PTC135138 Maharashtra
210 Sarvodaya Infradevelopers Pvt. Ltd. 03/03/2017 U52190RJ2008PTC27314 RAJASTHAN
211 Seven Dreams Multitrade Pvt Ltd 03/06/2017 U51909PN2016PTC167625 Maharashtra
212 One World Marketing Pvt Ltd 03/07/2017 U52399DL2016PTC301656 Delhi
213 Lyoness India Pvt Ltd 03/09/2017 U74140DL2015FTC280270 New Delhi
214 AMC Cookware (India) Private Limited 3/14/2017 U29309KA2000PTC031050 Karnataka
215 MNH Healthcare India (OPC) PVt. Ltd. 3/27/2017 U85310DL2016OPC309870 Delhi
216 Champions Multi Product Solutions Pvt. Ltd. 3/28/2017 U52100UP2015PTC073698 Uttar Pradesh
217 Radiate Trademart Pvt Ltd 04/06/2017 U51909RJ2017PTC057565 Rajasthan
218 Zeppar World Accessories Pvt Ltd 04/06/2017 U19200DL2016PTC298447 Delhi
219 JVJ Eduway Marketing Pvt. Ltd. 4/28/2017 U80900KL2017PTC48276 KERALA
220 Verbena Life Cure Marketing PVt. Ltd. 05/09/2017 U52609MP2017PTC043067 Madhya Pradesh
221 Jolly Life Care Pvt. Ltd. 05/12/2017 U52609PB2016PTC045908 Punjab
222 INDCONNECT MARKETING PVT. LTD. 5/22/2017 U74999PN2017PTC169376 Maharashtra
223 IWENS Private Limited 5/22/2017 U31906HR2017PTCo68141 Haryana
224 KEY2SUCCESS Sales & Marketing Pvt. Ltd. 5/23/2017 U74999CT2017PTC007749 Chhattisgarh
225 Budhacharya PSB Network Pvt Ltd 06/02/2017 U74999MH2017PTC292089 Maharashtra
226 Nexgen Umeed India Private Limited 06/02/2017 U74999PB2017PTC046172 Punjab
227 SunEdge Marketing Private Ltd. 7/17/2017 U52100PN2016PTC158168 Maharashtra
228 Rhinos Health And Safety Private Limited 7/17/2017 U74999PN2016PTC167276 Maharashtra
229 Digicraft Lifestyle Pvt. Ltd. 7/17/2017 U51909DL2017PTC316873 DELHI
230 SFG Marketing & Trading Pvt. Ltd. 7/18/2017 U52599MP2012PTC029487 Maharashtra
231 Jeuness Global India Private Limited 7/24/2017 U74999DL2016FTC303965 Delhi
232 Livrm Marketing Private Limited 7/25/2017 U74999UP2017PTC089106 UTTAR PRADESH
233 Magnessa Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. 08/10/2017 U74999TN2014PTC095457 Tamilnadu
234 VLCC Online Services Private Limited 8/16/2017 U93000HR2016PTC058548 HARYANA
235 Healux International Pvt. Ltd. 8/21/2017 U51103KA2015PTC079281 KARNATAKA
236 Ayurveda Aadhar India Limited 8/22/2017 U74999DL2017PLC318079 Delhi
237 Varsana Lifecare Private Limited 8/23/2017 U85200PB2017PTC046540 Punjab
238 Biowell Universe Pvt. Ltd. 09/01/2017 U36999UP2017PTC091510 Uttar Pradesh
239 Retail 1947 Enterprises Pvt. ltd. 09/01/2017 U52390HR2011PTC042611 DELHI
240 Phygicart E-Commerce Private Limited 09/11/2017 U52609KL2017PTCO49681 Kerala
241 Nexusworld Wellness Private Limited 09/12/2017 U74999UP2017PTC089499 UTTAR PRADESH
243 Frentic Retail & Marketing Pvt. Ltd. 10/06/2017 U74999MH2017PTC297430 Maharashtra
244 Great Opportunity Salesmart India Private Limited 10/09/2017 U74120UP2015PTC074789 UTTAR PRADESH
245 RLI Marketing Private Limited 10/10/2017 U36999UP2017PTC092720 Uttar Pradesh
246 Forever Herbal Products 10/11/2017 U85100PB2013PTC037326 Punjab
247 PS Smartvision Enterprises Pvt.Ltd. 10/12/2017 U74999PN2017PTC167889 MAHARASHTRA
248 Eazyways Arogya Healthcare (P) Ltd. 10/13/2017 U51909DL2017PTC311115 DELHI
249 Conybio Healthcare (India) Pvt. Ltd. 10/17/2017 U33112TN1998PTC041656 Tamilnadu
250 SHT Enterprises 10/17/2017 Regst.No.03BHXPS7848P1Z0 PUNJAB
251 Balarka Global Mart Private Limited 10/24/2017 U74999RJ2017PTC058714 RAJASTHAN
252 Dewsoft Overseas Pvt Ltd 10/24/2017 U72900DL2000PTC108691 Delhi
253 Artlife Wellness Products Pvt. Ltd. 10/30/2017 U92412DL2008PTC181018 DELHI
254 Pitrashish Marketing Enterprises Private Limited 10/31/2017 U51909WB2008PTC127421 WEST BENGAL
255 Kalpamrit Markeing Pvt. Ltd. 10/31/2017 U93000UR2017PTC008154 UTTRAKHAND
256 Ezeewell Lifescience Pvt. Ltd. 10/31/2017 U74999MH2017PTC298764 Maharashtra
257 Benmoon Pharma Research Pvt. Ltd. 11/01/2017 U73100GJ2006PTC47878 Gujarat
258 Otlar Life Private Limited 11/03/2017 U51909PB2017PTC046162 Punjab
259 Kushgram Khadi Gramodyog LLP 11/07/2017 AAH-2312 Bihar
260 Neocent Retails Pvt. Ltd. 11/20/2017 U74999HR2017PTC070033 HARYANA
261 Nirlife Marketing Pvt. Ltd. 11/23/2017 U74999MH2017PTC295680 MAHARASHTRA
262 Arjana Products Pvt. Ltd. 11/28/2017 U74999TN2016PTC111918 Tamilnadu
263 Cluster Organic Cottonz India Pvt. Ltd. 11/28/2017 U17111TZ2014PTC020488 TAMIL NADU
264 Vagmine Infratrade Pvt. Ltd. 11/28/2017 U51100RJ2016PTC055870 Rajasthan
265 Kalyan Lifecare LLP 12/05/2017 AAE-2687 Delhi
266 Welocity Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd. 12/05/2017 U74999MH2016PTC286852 MAHARASHTRA
267 The Leaders Time Marketing Pvt. Ltd. 12/05/2017 U51220HR2014PTC053307 HARYANA
268 Ownlead Digital Innovation International Pvt. Ltd. 12/06/2017 U93000AP2017PTC106036 Andhra Pradesh
269 Aura Vss Lifescience Private Limited 12/11/2017 U52609GJ2017PTC098312 GUJARAT
270 Dream Direct Selling Group 12/11/2017 Registeration No.02 2017 18 Chhattisgarh CHHATTISGARH
271 VGE Mart Private Limited 12/11/2017 U74999UP2017PTCO97459 UTTAR PRADESH
272 Self Power Direct Marketing Pvt. Ltd. 12/18/2017 U52100CT2014PTC001407 CHHATTISGARH
274 DRS Lifecare Industries 12/18/2017 U51909DL2017PTC316251 DELHI
275 Hunch Shoppetrade Sales Pvt. Ltd. 12/18/2017 U51909RJ2017PTC059352 RAJASTHAN
276 Suryodayalite Marketing Pvt. Ltd. 12/18/2017 U51909RJ2017PTC059232 RAJASTHAN
277 Panchjyoti Mart PrivateLimited 12/18/2017 U51909WB2017PTC222941 UTTAR PRADESH
278 Nexgen Inventive Information Technology Pvt. Ltd. 12/26/2017 U72900PN2013PTC149783 MAHARASHTRA
279 Ok Life Care Private Limited 12/28/2017 U74999HR2016PTC066261 HARYANA
280 Mohan Mishra Multitrade Pvt Ltd 12/28/2017 C52100CT2011PTC000081 CHHATTISGARH
281 Tesnee Products Limited 01/08/2018 U51909KA2017PLC103202 KARNATAKA
282 Howin Infotech Private Limited 01/10/2018 U51909KA2017PTC105236 KARNATAKA
283 Anjaneya Communications Private Limited 01/10/2018 U74999UP2017PTC090662 UTTAR PRADESH
284 Ayubox Health Science And Technology LLP 01/11/2018 AAI-4463 PUNJAB
285 Naturekare Multi Trade Pvt. Ltd. 1/19/2018 U51909GJ2016PTC093563 GUJARAT
286 Phytocell Life Marketing Private Limited 1/22/2018 U83510UP2016PTC084784 UTTAR PRADESH
287 Basavjyoti Retail India Pvt. Ltd. 1/22/2018 U74999KA2017PTC106711 KARNATAKA
288 VisionRoots Services Pvt.Ltd. 1/22/2018 U52609DL2017PTC315179 DELHI
289 GPRS Healthcare Private Limited 1/24/2018 U51909PB2017PTC047252 PUNJAB
290 Freedom Success Mission 1/24/2018 Registration No.17/01/142/2017 RAJASTHAN
291 Gikmart Pvt. Ltd. 02/05/2018 U51909GJ2017PTC099369 GUJARAT
292 Unfoldu Global Marketing Private Limited 02/05/2018 U74999PB2017PTC046869 PUNJAB
293 PraNutra Wellness Pvt. Ltd. 02/06/2018 U74999KA2017PTC104350 KARNATAKA
294 Vowel India Marketing Limited 02/08/2018 U52190UP2017PLC093076 UTTAR PRADESH
295 Optymystix Enterprises (India) Limited 2/21/2018 U74140DL1995PLC065348 DELHI
296 Dynamic Beneficial Accord Marketing Pvt. Ltd. 2/21/2018 U51909PB2011PTC035491 PUNJAB
297 Mega Disc Pvt. Ltd. 2/27/2018 U74999DL2017PTC326444 MAHARASHTRA
298 MRB Vision Pvt. Ltd. 2/28/2018 U74999HR2017PTC071712 HARYANA
299 Adhyatm Niramaya Pvt. Ltd. 2/28/2018 U74999RJ2017PTC059557 RAJASTHAN
300 Seven Elife Energies Systems Pvt. Ltd. 03/06/2018 U01110MP2017PTC044638 MADHYA PRADESH
301 Wellsmit Healthcare Private Limited 3/16/2018 U74120GJ2015PTC082323 GUJARAT
302 Alvism Marketing Private Limited 3/20/2018 U74999DL2017PTC325683 HIMANCHAL PRADESH
303 Super Shine Healthy Life Pvt. Ltd. 3/22/2018 U52609RJ2018PTC060262 RAJASTHAN
304 M/s.Skyrunway Pvt.Ltd. 3/22/2018 U51100PN2017PTC171743 MAHARASHTRA
305 Saranew Eco-Friendly Products Private Limited 04/06/2018 U74999DL2017PTC327701 DELHI
306 M/s. LVI Herbal Pvt. Ltd. 04/06/2018 U51909RJ2018PTC060343 RAJASTHAN
307 N.L.Imperial Food & Beverages Pvt.Ltd. 4/17/2018 U151522HR2013PTC051399 DELHI
308 CJ Store Worldwide Private Limited 4/19/2018 U51103DL2016PTC299585 DELHI
309 Unilink Marketing LLP 4/19/2018 AAL-3084 MAHARASHTRA
310 Miracolo Drinks Private Limited 4/23/2018 U52609KA2016PTC093002 KARNATAKA
311 USN India Shoppee Private Limited 4/25/2018 U51909HP2017PTC006725 HIMANCHAL PRADESH
312 KKrowten India Enterprises Private Limited 4/26/2018 U51909TN2017PTC118528 TAMIL NADU
313 MI Lifestyle Marketing Global Private Limited 05/04/2018 U74999TN2013PTC090049 TAMIL NADU
314 Delidiamond Marketing Private Limited 05/10/2018 U51909RJ2018PTC060976 RAJASTHAN
315 Asylum Ayurveda Private Limited 05/10/2018 U74200MH2011PTC222415 MAHARASHTRA
316 Glowway Marketing Pvt. Ltd. 05/10/2018 U52609MP2017PTC043682 MADHYA PRADESH
317 M/s. Suryayu Wellness Private Limited 5/15/2018 U74999KA2018PTC111575 KARNATAKA
318 Riston Sales Private Limited 5/21/2018 U74999WB2018PTC225745 WEST BENGAL
319 M/s. Inhomedelivery Marketing Private Limited 5/21/2018 U74999AS2017PTC018240 ASSAM
320 M/s. Runlife Retail Private Limited 5/21/2018 U74999WB2017PTC221320 WEST BENGAL
321 Qbuilder Sales Private Limited 5/21/2018 U74999WB2017PTC224034 WEST BENGAL
322 M/s. Satatva Marketing Pvt. Ltd. 5/24/2018 U74999GJ2018PTC101372 GUJARAT
323 Anant Wellness Care Company 5/28/2018 290/2018 JHARKHAND
324 Wayonn Marketing LLP 5/29/2018 LLP Identification No.AAM-1221 KERALA
326 Parry Ferilizers India Limited 5/31/2018 U52100PB2005PLC028330 PUNJAB
327 AAD Healthius Life Sciences Private Limited 06/01/2018 U85310OR2017PTC027295 ODISHA
328 Maplife Multitrade Private Limited 06/11/2018 U74120UP2013PTC059036 UTTAR PRADESH
329 Ayurpower Products Private Limited 06/12/2018 U74999TG2018PTC123743 ANDHARA PRADESH
330 Ignitaid Btk Private Limited 6/14/2018 U74999PN2018PTC175208 MAHARASHTRA
331 Girmes Wheatgrass 6/21/2018 MPA-89853 MAHARASHTRA
332 WS Direct Selling Pvt. Ltd. 6/22/2018 U51909PB2017PTC046023 PUNJAB
333 Sanben Marketing Pvt. Ltd. 6/22/2018 U74999RJ2018PTC061116 RAJASTHAN
334 Radiant India Multi Trade Pvt. Ltd. 6/25/2018 U51909BR2012PTC019659 BIHAR
336 Alex World Class Products Private Limited 07/09/2018 U74999RJ2018PTC061361 RAJASTHAN
337 Stepwey Dream Ventures Pvt. Ltd. 07/12/2018 U74999RJ2018PTC061248 RAJASTHAN
338 Luxreal International Pvt. Ltd. 7/17/2018 U15549KA2018PTC112433 KARNATAKA
339 OLS Whizz Pvt. Ltd. 7/19/2018 U74900PB2015PTC039870 PUNJAB
340 RLD Online Marketing Pvt. Ltd. 7/26/2018 U52190UP2018PTC099896 UTTAR PRADESH
341 Avencia Life Sciences Private Limited 7/30/2018 U24232RJ2013PTC043945 RAJASTHAN
342 Saachi India Marketing Private Limited 7/30/2018 U74999DL2018PTC332038 DELHI
343 Good Worship Marketing Pvt.Ltd. 7/30/2018 U52603KL2017PTC050843 KERALA
344 KRS Multipro Private Limited 7/30/2018 U74999HR2018PTC074094 HARYANA
345 Akman Wellness Pvt. Ltd. 08/02/2018 U74999GJ2018PTC101362 GUJARAT
346 Ayurvedic Reform India Pvt. Ltd. 08/08/2018 U74999MP2017PTC043345 MADHYA PRADESH
347 Bstar Megacorp Pvt.Ltd. 8/21/2018 U74999PN2018PTC175925 MAHARASHTRA
348 Revelation Unique Retail and Marketing Private Limited 8/21/2018 U51909DL2018PTC335093 DELHI
349 Buildsworth Marketing Private Limited 09/06/2018 U52604HR2018PTC074645 HARYANA
350 Aizen Communications Private Limited 09/06/2018 U74999MP2017PTC043725 MADHYA PRADESH
351 Solarway Marketing India Private Limited 9/17/2018 U51909HR2008PTC38440 HARYANA
352 Herbalage Wellness India Pvt. Ltd. 9/19/2018 U24233UP2006PTC031918 UTTAR PRADESH
353 Striking Online Service & Shopping Private Limited 9/20/2018 U74900WB2015PTC206315 WEST BENGAL
354 Million User Pvt. Ltd. 9/24/2018 U74900CH2015PTC035654 CHANDIGARH
355 Dhanerwal Retail Pvt.Ltd. 10/01/2018 U52609HR2017PTC070375 HARYANA
356 La Vita Solution Pvt.Ltd. 10/01/2018 U74930DL2013PTC252432 UTTAR PRADESH
357 Super Royal Holiday India Pvt.Ltd. 10/16/2018 U63040KA2012PTC061929 KARNATAKA
358 Oxigeno International Biz Private Limited 10/18/2018 U74999KA2018PTC115374 KARNATAKA
359 Olive Tree Ventures Pvt. Ltd. 10/30/2018 U15532RJ2018PTC061795 RAJASTHAN
360 Sanyukts Mart Pvt.Ltd. 10/30/2018 U74999RJ2017PTC059761 RAJASTHAN
361 M/s. DSGM INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED 11/01/2018 U74999GJ2017PTC098005 GUJARAT
362 Lorenzini Apparels Limited 11/01/2018 U17120DL2007PLC163192 DELHI
363 Wellness Wings Private Limited 11/16/2018 U74999UR2017PTC007812 UTTARAKHAND
364 Circinae Life Style Private Limited 11/19/2018 U51900PB2018PTC047964 PUNJAB
365 Dream Life Care Solutions Marketing Pvt.Ltd.(OPC) 11/19/2018 U52590HR2015PC055696 HARYANA
366 Pinnacle Shoppe Pvt. Ltd. 11/26/2018 U74999RJ2018PTC062133 RAJASTHAN
367 Jalwal Consultancy Services Pvt.Ltd. 11/26/2018 U74140RJ2015PTC047479 RAJASTHAN
368 DHW Promotions Private Limited 12/03/2018 U92490MP2018PTC046564 MADHYA PRADESH
369 Xseries Life Time Care Pvt. Ltd. 12/05/2018 U74999HR2018PTC75599 HARYANA
370 Thamesbay Marketing LLP 12/10/2018 AAM-5118 KERALA
371 Aarogya Vedic Natural Care Pvt.Ltd. 12/18/2018 U24239MP2017PTC043534 MADHYA PRADESH
372 Allegro Life Care Pvt.Ltd. 12/18/2018 U74999RJ2017PTC059707 RAJASTHAN
373 Maxxwell Herbal Pvt.Ltd. 12/18/2018 U74999BR2018PTC038688 BIHAR
374 Easyfuture Biznet India Pvt.Ltd. 12/18/2018 U74999UP2018PTC107787 UTTAR PRADESH
375 Samarpan Mall Network Private Limited 12/24/2018 U52100GJ2008PTC055428 GUJARAT
377 Save Eco Organic Private Limited 01/01/2019 U74900BR2015PTC023646 BIHAR
378 MK Success World Marketing And Retails Private Limited 01/08/2019 U74999HR2018PTC077089 HARYANA
379 Youthunity Marketing Private Limited 01/09/2019 U51909WB2018PTC229054 WEST BENGAL
380 Kasgrow India Tradecon Private Limited 01/09/2019 U51909CT2018PTC008680 CHHATTISGARH
381 Visinet Marketing Private Limited 01/09/2019 U51909WB2018PTC228969 WEST BENGAL
382 Furtive Marketing Pvt.Ltd. 1/31/2019 U74999HP2017PTC006446 HIMANCHAL
383 Vaignyanik Health Care Pvt.Ltd. 02/03/2019 U74999TG2018PTC124656 TELANGANA
384 DNSP Healthy Products Private Limited 02/06/2019 U85100PN2017PTC72284 MAHARASHTRA
385 Soprano Trading Pvt.Ltd. 02/06/2019 U74999HR2018PTC075957 HARYANA
386 Sunriva Herbal Sciences Pvt.Ltd. 02/06/2019 U74999UP2018PTC100042 UTTAR PRADESH
387 Marklead Marketing Private Limited 02/08/2019 U52609KL2018PTC053571 KERALA
388 Lamina Research Center Pvt.Ltd. 2/25/2019 U73200DL2013PTC250163 WEST BENGAL
389 Brightfuture Lifecare Pvt.Ltd. 2/26/2019 U74900DL2016PTC290405 DELHI
390 C to C Healthcare LLP 03/01/2019 AAJ-3389 UTTAR PRADESH
391 Ayuva Lifesciences Private Limited 03/05/2019 U24303MP2018PTC045130 MADHYA PRADESH
392 Zen Life Pharmacia Private Limited 03/08/2019 U52310HR2019PTC077895 HARYANA
393 My Recharge Private Limited 11/29/2016 U6420IRJ2010PTC032933 RAJASTHAN
394 L.B.R.Marketing Limited 1/23/2017 U74120GJ2014PLC080358 GUJARAT
395 Shopnet Marketing Pvt.Ltd. 8/18/2017 U74999HR2016PTC065503 HARYANA
396 Rajoy Panacea Pvt.Ltd. 10/18/2017 U52600DL2016PTC291840 DELHI
397 Brahmandnayak Ventures Private Limited 06/12/2018 U74999MH2018PTC308595 MAHARASHTRA
398 Anee Marketing Solutions Pvt.Ltd. 7/20/2018 U74120UP2016PTC075651 UTTAR PRADESH
399 Express Clinics Private Limited 08/08/2018 U85100PN2011PTC138822 MAHARASHTRA
400 Chyawan Ayureda Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. 09/06/2018 U74999CT2018PTC008591 CHHATTISGARH
401 Bright Global Infrastructure Private Limited 9/17/2018 U70200HR2015PTC055661 HARYANA
402 Champions World Lifestyle Private Limited 9/20/2018 U52609CT2017PTC008199 CHHATTISGARH
404 Amaltas Multiventures Private Limited 11/05/2018 U74999MP2017PTC044409 MADHYA PRADESH
405 Armsup Affiliate OPC Pvt.Ltd. 11/16/2018 U51909KL2018OPC053720 KERALA
407 Rajsway Direct Trading Private Limited 01/09/2019 U52609CT2016PTC007599 CHHATTISGARH
408 Youth Energy Health Marketing Private Limited 1/22/2019 U36999UP2017PTC096956 UTTAR PRADESH
410 Aetus Marketing Private Limited 02/03/2019 U74999GJ2018PTC105033 GUJARAT
411 Site House Institutes For Professional Learning 02/11/2019 Reg.No.934 2017-18 PUNJAB
412 Meghdoot Marketing Pvt.Ltd. 2/18/2019 U52599JH2010PTC014277 JHARKHAND
413 RSM Aayur Pvt.Ltd. 3/20/2019 U74900RJ2016PTC049174 RAJASTHAN
414 Glance Business Support System Pvt.Ltd. 3/20/2019 U74999RJ2018PTC063150 RAJASTHAN
415 Dearlife Empower India Private Limited 3/28/2019 U74999OP2018PTC028569 ODISHA
416 Bigas Business Private Limited 3/29/2019 U74999HR2018PTC077567 HARYANA
417 Mudgal Hightech Market Private Limited 04/01/2019 U52609UP2017PTC093294 HARYANA
419 Coralworld Oceanbleu Marketing Pvt.Ltd. 04/08/2019 U74999GA2019PTC013830 GOA
420 Leaf2Life Wellness Industries Private Limited 04/09/2019 U74999DL2018PTC329194 DELHI
421 Vieroots Wellness Solutions Pvt.Ltd. 04/11/2019 U74999KA2018PTC117198 KARNATAKA
422 Majy Meshwork Private Limited 4/15/2019 U51909PN2018PTC178338 MAHARASHTRA
423 Vijaykrishna Marketing Corporation LLP 4/18/2019 AAL-6963 DELHI
424 Ethereal Marketing Private Limited 4/25/2019 U51900AS2018PTC018876 ASSAM
425 Mountmerry Pro International Private Limited 4/25/2019 U24304RJ2018PTC062834 RAJASTHAN
426 Tossmeziq Marketing Pvt.Ltd. 4/28/2019 U51909UP2019PTC111963 UTTAR PRADESH
427 Kreaz Lifestyle Private Limited 4/28/2019 U52609DL2019PTC344117 DELHI
428 Mykash Marketing Solutions Pvt.Ltd. 05/09/2019 U74999KA2019PTC121225 KARNATAKA
429 Backspace Marketing Pvt.Ltd. 05/09/2019 U93000HP2019PTC007371 HIMANCHAL PRADESH
432 The Wings of Happiness 06/06/2019  reg.under IPA 1932 PUNJAB
433 Skybyz Global Diamond Pvt.Ltd. 06/07/2019 U52209CT2018PTC008785 CHHATTISGARH
434 FW Futureswings Products & Services (OPC) Private Limited 06/12/2019 U74999MH2016OPC286349 MAHARASHTRA
435 Shivrupam Marketing Pvt.Ltd. 6/14/2019 U52190RJ2013PTC042301 RAJASTHAN
436 Trato Retail Private Limited 6/27/2019 U74999DL2019PTC347972 DELHI
437 Glaze World All Services & Online Education Private Limited 6/27/2019 U74999UP2017PTC089090 UTTAR PRADESH
438 Donyi Polo Marketing Pvt.Ltd. 6/28/2019 U51909WB2019PTC229672 WEST BENGAL
439 Buscones Academic Solutions and Human Assets Private Limited 07/04/2019 U74120DL2015PTC285554 DELHI
440 Amkey Global Services Private Limited 07/12/2019 U52520WB2019PTC232094 WEST BENGAL
441 M/s.Salborz India LLP 7/24/2019 AAO-7431 DELHI
442 Vedic Ayurcare Health And Retails Private Limited 08/02/2019 U74999DL2018PTC339352 DELHI
443 Proveda Marketing India Private Limited 08/02/2019 U51909HR2019PTC080503 HARYANA
444 Goodfeel Merchandise Private Limited 08/05/2019 U74999BR2019PTC041298 BIHAR
445 Kman Realtrade Private Limited 08/05/2019 U52609WB2019PTC232358 WEST BENGAL
446 Huife Twobros Private Limited 08/09/2019 U74999DL2016PTC308694 DELHI
448 Coffer Retails Private Limited 09/09/2019 U52609DL2019PTC350377 DELHI
449 Relibond Pvt.Ltd. 09/12/2019 U74999MH2017PTC301398 MAHARASHTRA
450 Dayjoy Marketing Private Limited 9/17/2019 U52600RJ2018PTC062258 RAJASTHAN
451 Dreamersway Online Shopee Private Limited 9/23/2019 U51909KL2019PTC059245 KERALA
452 Aware Wellness India Pvt.Ltd. 9/26/2019 U93090UP2017PTC098309 UTTAR PRADESH
453 Eaglight Private Limited 10/01/2019 U74999MH2018PTC304236 MAHARASHTRA
454 Blue Mount Direct 10/04/2019 Registrar of Firms NCT Delhi No.F 1319 SDM NW DELHI
455 Pyoor Network International Private Limited 10/11/2019 U51909GJ2019PTC108580 GUJARAT
456 Kimaya Lifecare Pvt.Ltd. 10/11/2019 U74999UP2017PTC099287 UTTAR PRADESH
457 Yua Trade Concepts LLP 11/18/2019 AAQ-1942 KERALA
458 Finedwise Software Private Limited 11/21/2019 U72200GJ2013PTC076331 GUJARAT
459 Bizkey Marketing Private Limited 12/06/2019 U74999UP2019PTC119784 UTTAR PRADESH
460 Orymile Traders And Consults Private Limited 06/12/2019 U52205PN2014PTC150048 MAHARASHTRA
461 Business Forever Online Marketing Private Limited 12/30/2019 U52100UP2019PTC119546 UTTAR PRADESH

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2nd position9K Per Month
3rd position7K Per Month
4th position5K Per Month
5th position3K Per Month